By default a Lecture_Recordings link to a list of all schedule recordings for the course is added to the top of the Learning Resources content area. It is also possible to create additional links to individual recording (i.e. You could add a link to your Week 1 lecture recording to the Learning Resources Week 1 folder).

Note: It is NOT recommended that you link to content from a previous semester. Alternatively, refer to the Downloading Content from the Class List (Echo360) guide to download the old lecture recording and then refer to the Upload a File to Echo360 guide for step-by-step instructions on uploading the old lecture recording to your current Echo360 section. 

Add a link to an Individual Recording

  1. Click on the Learning Resources link in your Learn.UQ course.

learning resources option higlighted

  1. Access the required Learning Resource folder i.e Week 1 folder. 

access the learning resource folder

  1. Click on the Tools button.
  2. Select Lecture_Recordings from the drop-down list. 

click on lecture recordings

  1. Enter an informative title in the Name textbox. i.e Individual recording. 
  2. Click on the Submit button. 

clicks submit

  1. Click on the recording link. 

click on the recording link

  1. Click on the Launch button. 

Connect your Echo360 Content

Choose a Section

  1. Select the required Section from the drop down menu. 

Note: The term "section" refers to the year and semester of the course offering (e.g. POLS1201, Semester 2 2017).

the select a section dropdown menu is highlighted

Link to a Classroom

  1. Select the Link to a Classroom radio button. 

Note: The term "classroom" refers to an individual lecture recording (e.g. 8 September 2017, 4pm - 6pm).

  1. Select the required recording. 
  2. Click on the LINK CONTENT button. 

click on link to content

Link to the Section Home

  1. Select the Link to the Section Home radio button. 

Note: The term "section home" refers to all the lecture recordings for a particular course offering (e.g. POLS1201, Semester 2 2017).

  1. Click on the LINK CONTENT button. 

Link to the section home checkbox and link content button is highlighted