Accessing your lecture recordings

  1. In your Learn.UQ course click on the Learning Resources link.
  2. Click on the Lecture_Recordings link.

click on lecture recordings link

  1. The first time you click on a link the below screen will be displayed.
  2. Course Coordinators should accept the default.
  3. Click on the LINK CONTENT button. 


  1. The Echo360 ALP system will launch within your Learn.UQ site on the classes page which list your lecture recordings. 



Features of the lecture recording system include user interface improvements, reporting tools to measure student engagement before, during and after the teaching activity occurs. All teaching staff have access to the following features. 

Instructor dashboard

The instructor dashboard provides a snapshot of the status of student’s engagement for your course.

  • Click on the Dashboard link.

click on dashboard

Note: By default, only Active semester courses are shown.

  • On the Dashboard the:
    • REVIEW or ALL CLASSES list all courses, their recordings, PowerPoint presentations (if uploaded) and allows you to edit and delete a recording. (Classes link).
    • New Questions list how many students has asked a question. You will be able to click on the number of questions to respond and create new questions (Q&A link).
    • Students to Watch list student who have watched the recording and analytics data (Analytics link).

dashboard page


The analytics dashboard allows you to access real-time data for your recordings. You can identify who is watching your recordings and students who have flagged scenes or slides as confused.

  1. Click on the ANALYTICS link, this will take you to the course analytics page.
  2. On this page you will be able to select your course and view student data on video and presentations, questions, confusion marks, activities and notes count. 

analytics page

  1. You can also view a list of least engaged students and students who has marked the content as confusing. 

mark as confused page

  • Refer to the Analytics guide for further information. 

Instructor library page

The instructor library page is a repository for all of your content, whether or not it is currently published to a course or is available to students. There are several ways content gets added to an instructor’s library page:

  • You are the primary instructor for a course and are identified as the instructor for the lecture recording.

Note: Lecture recordings created for the course automatically appear in your library. They remain there even if removed from the course.

  • You upload content to your library.
  • You create or upload a presentation or video directly to a course.
  • Someone shares content with you (staff or student).
  1. Click on the Library link to access your resources. 

click on library link

  1. You will can view all your content within the My Content link.
  2. Click on the UPLOAD CONTENT button to upload resources.
  3. Any content that has been shared with you by staff or students can be viewed on the Shared with me link. 

share with me link

Refer to the Working with Library Content (ECHO360) website for further information.


The Q&A link is one way to view course specific and/or general questions and peer responses being posted in your course. You can also view any course-specific questions, or post and respond to questions yourself while viewing the lecture recording content.

All questions posted from within the lecture recording, or questions that identify a particular lecture recording on the Q&A link will appear in the Discussions pane of the lecture recording.

  1. Access the required lecture recording. 

click on the lecture recording link

  1. Click on the Discussion icon. 

click on discussion icon

  • On this page, you will be able to:
    • View students and peer posts and responses.

student question page

  • Post a new question with reference to course content (video and slide). 

post to the new question

  • Respond to students questions. 

respond to students questions

Note: Student are able to post anonymously however instructors can still see the authors name in the post. Students cannot see the authors name when a post is anonymous.

Refer to the Monitoring Q&A Discussion from within a Course (Echo360) website for further information.

Notes & Bookmarking

Students can perform the following functions when they access the toolbar in their lecture recording:

  • Take notes: students can take notes during and after a lecture as well as download a copy of their notes.
  • Bookmark content: bookmarks let students mark locations in presentation or videos so they can find them quickly for future reference.
  • Flag content: by clicking on the flag during a video or presentation students can flag content as confusing which is easily viewed by the instructor. 

notes and bookmarking dashboard

  • Refer to the Getting Started guide on the student website for further information.