What is EchoPoll?

EchoPoll is a new live polling tool available to all UQ teaching staff to increase student engagement in classes. EchoPoll integrates seamlessly into Powerpoint showing results live inside your slides.

Why should I use it?

The tool is:

  • Flexible: It can be used for
    • SSO or guest users to participate
    • in live and asynchronous EchoPoll sessions
    • on any device, anywhere
    • with the widest range of question types and customized reporting.
  • Connected: It can be 
    • connected to PowerPoint,
    • integrated to Learn.UQ, and other popular applications like Zoom, Teams, etc.
  • Accessible: EchoPoll delivers the highest accessibility standards that create
    • equitable, and
    • engaging learning experiences for all.
  • Dependable:  
    • EchoPoll is a SAAS solution, hosted in AWS Sydney 
    • It is highly reliable, delivering 99% uptime and offline sync for anytime access and back-up.

What are the use cases?

  • EchoPoll app for PowerPoint presentations
    • Enable EchoPoll add-ins so that each time you open your PowerPoint, you have the add-ins available  for use.
    • Each time you launch your poll, it creates a session on which you will have the report (analytics) on engagement.
  • EchoPoll - Anywhere floating toolbar
    • Launch to quickly ask a poll 'on-the-fly' over anything you have on your screen.
    • E.g. show students how to do things on other applications such as over a PDF, Excel, map, etc. 
  • EchoPoll web
    • Create, deliver and manage your presentations, polls and results online.
    • E.g. When you teach in a lecture hall and the desktop there does not have the EchoPoll app and you do not want to save your PowerPoint and the EchoPoll app folder in a memory stick.
  • EchoPoll assignments
    • Create asynchronous polls as assigned tasks for students outside of class
    • Students' grades will then be populated back to your course Grade Centre