You can select some settings in your account that you think will be useful for all of your polling sessions. These settings will be applicable every time you start a polling session.

  1. Access EchoPoll log-in page
    Note: If you have saved your login details, then you can proceed to Step 4. 
  2. Enter your UQ email in the email textbox.
  3. Click on the Next button.

    Note: If you have logged in to the UQ system, you do not have to go through steps 4, 5 and 6. 

    1.  Enter your UQ username and Password for the UQ Authenticate.
    2. Click on the LOGIN button.

    1. Enter the Verification code into the boxes (might not need to go through this step if you have already signed in for multifactor authentication).

    1. Click on the Preferences button. Preference includes settings for Session, Assignment, Default Participation, and Join Code.


    • Preference includes settings for Session, Assignment, Default Participation, and Join Code.
    • Session Settings and Assignment Settings are for the polls created on the web environment.
    • Default Participation Settings and Reserved Join Codes are for the PPT.
    1. Enable or disable the required settings for Session and Assignment
    • Session Settings:
      • Show results = students will see the class' response to a question, including their own after a polling question is closed, before moving to the next question.
      • Show chart = show students' responses live while the poll is open. OFF is recommended so students are not influenced by others' responses.
      • Show whiteboard = make the whiteboard available so that you can write notes to provide explanations/solutions to students.
      • Show leaderboard = show which student scores the highest in the session.
    • Assignment Settings:
      • Show solutions = show the answers. OFF recommended so that students will have to do more attempts to check their comprehension.
      • Show score = the score that students receive after they have provided an answer to a question.
      • Show results = the total score that students receive after they have completed the poll
      • Randomize answers = to change the order of the answers after each time students attempt the assignment/quiz


    1. Click on the Join Mode down arrow to select the required mode:
    • Enforce roster: students in your course will be enrolled in the poll without having to sign in. Note: You will need to create courses in your EchoPoll account.
    • Enforce organization: participants need to sign in to their EchoPoll account.
    • Guests (sign in): participants need to sign in to their EchoPoll account.
    • Guests (public): participants do NOT need to sign in to their EchoPoll account  (recommended).

    1. Select the required option to display the participant's name and email:
    • Hidden: participants are NOT required to provide their details.
    • Optional: participants have the option to provide their details.
    • Required: participants are required to provide their details (if you want to check students' attendance or their performance in the poll).

    Optionally, you can set up Join Codes for different courses. Each user can reserve up to 10 codes. If you do not set up these codes, each time you launch a polling session, a random code will be generated for participants who join the session on their desktops.

    Note: It is expected that most students join your poll using their mobile device so the QR code will be used more.

    1. Enter a code in the textbox. The code will always be saved in lowercase.
    2. Click on the Add button.

    As you use the tool more, you might want to change some of the settings in your preferences. Follow the steps above to adjust to the relevant settings.