This guide provides instructions on launching your polling session in your class.

  1. Navigate to your join slide
  2. Click on the Start button.

  1. Select the preferred settings for your polling session:
  • Select a course
  • Enter a session name
  • Select the preferred participation setting
  • Join code: Select a pre-defined join code, or use the random option
  • Select the preferred participant's name and email 
  1. Click on the Start button to start your poll

  1. Click on the Close button to close the notification.

  1. Click on the presenter mode icon to start your polling session.

  1. The join slide will display the join details for participants.

  1. The show bar will be displayed (on all slides) to control your polling session.
  • You can move this show bar to the other screen.
  • The show bar includes the functionalities to:
    • Open/Close the poll
    • Repoll
    • The number of participants who answered each polling question
    • Show users
    • Show chat
    • Add new polling questions

Refer to the Preference setups in your account guide for more information.