After creating a question, it is important that you check out the question options to make sure the relevant settings are selected.

The Question Options panel is displayed alongside the question slide.

Question Options

  1. Anonymous:
  • Participants will NOT have to sign in to join your poll
  • Participant's details will NOT be available for you
  1. Point Value: a grade can be assigned for the question.
    Note: If you selected Anonymous, then you can NOT assign a grade to a question.
  2. Indicate the correct answer: participants will receive immediate feedback on their choice
  3. Answer Labels: three styles are available: 
  • Capital letter: e.g. A
  • Small letter: e.g. a, or
  • Number: e.g. 1

  1. Chart: chart presentation can be displayed:
  • vertically,
  • horizontally,
  • in doughnut chart,
  • in pie chart , or
  • responses only

  1. Chart Label: labels on the chart can display the answers or the bullets

  • Example of chart labels as answers

  • Example of chart labels as bullets

  1. Chart Values: polling results can be displayed in number (count), or percent.

  • Example of chart values as count:

  • Example of chart values as percent:

  1. Chart colors: theme, defined, graded

  • Theme: the default option that auto apply the colors for the chart (as can be seen in previous captures)
  • Defined:
    • Select the Defined option
    • Click on the Set Defined Colors button.

  • Select the colors for your chart.
  • Click on the Apply button.

  • Graded: that chart will have different colors for correct (B) and incorrect answers (A, C, D)

  1. Show results: polling results can be shared with participants After Polling, During Polling, or Don't Show
  • After Polling: 
  • Click on the Add Result Slide button to show the results.

  • Optionally, select the relevant chart type.
  • Click on the Insert button.

  •  A result slide will be added after the question slide

  • During Polling: Polling results are displayed synchronously on the question slides participants answer the questions.

  • Don't Show: Polling results are NOT displayed while participants answer the questions.
  1. Question Timer: to display the timer for participants during a polling question.

  • Show Countdown Timer:
    • Check the Show Countdown Timer checkbox
    • Enter the relevant timing (e.g. 30)

  • Autostart: the countdown starts and stops automatically

Some options can be set up in your EchoPoll account so that they are selected for all of your polling sessions. See the EchoPoll - Preference setups in your account guide for detailed instructions.