What is the Video Production?

 There are a variety of video editing software available which allows you to edit the timeline, audio editing, title creation, colour creation implementing innovative media and project management tools.   

Why would I use the Video Production?

You may use video and audio content as a teaching and learning resource.  Research suggests that some benefits on educational video production include facilitating thinking and problem solving, assisting in the learning process, Inspiring and engaging students and promoting the flipped classroom model.  Further resources are available on the Video for Teaching and Learning website. 

Other considerations

Desktop Recording: This software can be used to record mini lectures from your desktop. 

Video/Audio Upload: Kaltura is UQ's video server and the recommended system for the upload of videos for use in courses. Kaltura may also be used for the submission of student video assignments.

Student Guide

Digital Essentials Module

Finding and using media

Workshop Resources

Workshop: Basic Video Production