What is the Become Student / Student Preview tools?

These two tools allow you to view your Learn.UQ course in a format almost identical to how a student enrolled in the course would see it. 

Why would I use the these tools?

The tools can be used to check the presentation of resources, test interactive tools such as tests and check what students can view in My Grades.

The Become Student tool (develop by UQ ITS) allows you to test both Blackboard tools (tests, surveys, discussion boards, blogs, journals and wikis) as well as non Blackboard tools such as Turnitin. This tool is also useful to test group functionality as it has two test students.

The Student Preview tool can only be used with Blackboard tools.

Other Considerations

The Become Student tool has the following limitations:

  • The ECP (Electronic Course Profile) does not work.
  • Your course must be available to students for the tool to work.
  • Only users with the role of Instructor or Teaching Assistant can use the tool.

The Student Preview tool has the following limitations:

  • Can only be used to test Blackboard tools.
  • Only one test student so it is not possible to test group functionality.