Video Guide

Using the Student Preview Tool (YouTube, 2m 5s)


This tool allows you to view your course as a student. The tool can be used to test interactive tools such as tests and to check what your students are able to see in My Grades.

Using the Student Preview tool

Viewing the course as a student

  1. Click on the Student Preview icon.

click on the student preview icon

  1. The course will now be displayed in student view.

student view

  1. You can complete tasks as a student. i.e. Adding a post to a discussion board.

Note: Your user name will be YourName_PreviewUser

the student username appears next their posts

Return to instructor view

  1. Click on the Exit Preview button.
  2. Select the required Preview user data radio button.
    • Delete the preview user and all data:  Select this option if you were only checking how your course would be displayed to students.
    • Keep the preview user and all data: Select this option if you are testing tools. i.e. You have added a discussion board post are you are now going to test marking it as an instructor.
  3. Click on the Continue button.

exit preview button highlighted

Note: Submissions by the Preview student to tools such as discussion boards, blogs, tests and assignments can be marked to functionality. The marks will be transferred to Grade Centre and can be view in My Grades by using the Student Preview tool again.

Additional test students

If you need additional test students to test tools (i.e. creating and using groups) you can use the External User tool.