What is an ePortfolio?

An ePortfolio is an evolving electronic/online resource that acts to record, store and archive the artefacts of learning and reflection for an individual learner. An ePortfolio has the potential to demonstrate professional and personal growth, exemplify evidence-based practice and provide a planning space for future professional development needs and experiences. (Hallam et al 2008)

Why would I use an ePortfolio?

ePortfolios can be used as a tool for structuring learning across a degree and providing opportunities for students to reflect on their learning. Quicker and more comprehensive feedback can be provided within ePortfolios via various assessment tasks and the rubrics associated with them. This information can also be mapped to graduate attributes, accreditation competencies, or learning outcomes to facilitate students’ learning and reporting requirements.

How can I Implement an ePortfolio in my Course or Program?

  1. Program Leads with an interest in discussing use of the ePortfolio in their programs should submit a Request to Meet to the eLearning Systems and Support team, completing the provided sub-headings in the email body.
  2. Please view the ePortfolio software features video (16m 24s) and read the Implementation process overview.

Other Considerations

InPlace, the UQ Placement software should be used for administration tasks such as submission of pre-placement documentation and attendance sheet in placement courses.

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