Video Guide

Quick Start Guide for External Assessors (YouTube, 2m 49s)

Warning: External Assessors are only provided with access to their accounts while they have work to complete (assessments or surveys/forms). Once they have completed all the work, their account will remain active for 7 days after this date. At this point, they will lose access to their account. If and when new work is sent to them to complete, they will regain access to their account.

Locating emails from the UQ ePortfolio

Emails sent to external assessors will from the UQ ePortfolio are sent by Anthology Portfolio and will have the subject line Work to Assess from UQePortfolio - Last Name, First Name (where the last name and first name of the student would appear).

Accessing the UQ ePortfolio

  1. Click on the Go to UQ ePortfolio link in the provided email.

Email with Go to UQ ePortfolio link circled

Warning: The link to the UQ ePortfolio will not work in Internet Explorer, please use either Google Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge.

Warning: If your email client does not support HTML, the link to Chalk & Wire will not be available for you to click on. Instead, copy and paste the URL provided at the bottom of the email into your browser to access the login page.

Circled URL

  1. Enter your Email Address on the Guest Login screen.
  2. Click on the Login button.

Email address field circled and login button circled.

Note: When entering your email address it needs to be entered correctly and is case sensitive.

Understanding the Assesment Interface

Once you have successfully logged into the UQ ePortfolio you will be presented with the assessment interface. Student work will be presented on the left and the assessment (marking) instrument on the right.

Student work circled on the left and assessment instrument circled on the right

Use the View Full Instrument (four headed arrows) button to view the full assessment instrument (all criterion listed at once) in a full-screen view. Click the button again to return to the regular view.

GIF showing the switch between full instrument and regular view

Use the Toggle Instrument (arrow) option to view the student work in a full-screen view. Toggle the instrument back to reveal the assessment interface.

GIF showing the toggle instrument option to show full student work

Assess (provide feedback) and Comment on Student Work

Tip: It is easier to assess (provide feedback) using the full instrument view rather than the regular assessing (feedback) view.

  1. Start with the first criterion.
  2. Click on the Choose One drop-down list and select the desired performance level.
  3. Enter a comment in the Comment textbox if desired or required.

Choose One drop-down list circled and the comment text box circled.

Note: If using the regular instrument view, click on the Next or Previous button to move between criterion.

Compact instrument view with Next and Previous buttons circled

  1. Repeat steps until all criterion are marked.
  2. Add an Overall Comment.

Overall comment text box circled

  1. Click on the green Save button at the top of the screen to complete your assessment.

Green save button circled

Note: A message will appear in green to indicate that the assessment has been saved, and provide you with the final score.

Save message circled

  1. Once you have finished your assessment, click on your name in the top/right corner of the screen and click on Log Out from the drop-down list.

Assessor name circled and log out circled in drop down menu

  1. If you need to mark additional student's, locate the email for that student and use the link provided in that email.

Warning: Please do not navigate to other areas of the ePortfolio to avoid the release of student results by accident.