1. Log into the UQ ePortfolio.
  2. Click on Menu > Reporting > Results Analytics.

Results analytics circled in the Reporting menu

  1. Generate your desired report results.

Note: Refer to the Student performance against each Criterion on an Assessment guide to run your report.

  1. Click on the Browse link next to any student result.

Browse link circled

  1. Left-click anywhere on the line graph.

Line graph circled

  1. Select Related Information from the pop-up menu.

Related information circled.

  1. Select Instrument Criterion Scores By Student/Date from the Related Information drop-down list.

Instrument Criterion Scores By Student/Date

  1. Click on the Report Settings drop-down menu to expand the options.

Report settings circled.

  1. Underneath the Calculation & Output Options heading, click on the Include Comments checkbox.

Include comments circled

  1. Click on the Generate Report button.

Generate report button circled.

  1. The report with comments will be displayed.

Example report