The ePortfolio system is best deployed at a program level and used for key assessment items. Therefore a program coordinator will need to be involved in the decision to implement ePortfolio into a course. Deployment will involve the following engagement between schools and support staff.

  1. Staff from eLearning Systems and Support, the Learning Designer: ePortfolio, and the relevant faculty educational designer will meet with program/school staff to identify the purpose of using ePortfolio and how best to implement.
  2. The program/school will be asked to allocate a key contact with actual time allocated to the implementation.  This person may become a school ‘change champion’ or ‘super‐user’.
    • The program/school will be asked to provide an up to date copy of any learning outcomes, and associated rubrics and assessment items to the Learning Designer: ePortfolio, to facilitate the assessment mapping process.
    • In the case that assessment mapping and rubric design is needed, the Learning Designer: ePortfolio will work with the program/school to ensure that the work done matches the system requirements.  This ensures that any reporting inputs will result in accurate and valid reporting from the system for the school/program.
    • The program/school will be assisted to identify the specific assessment items within the program which will be placed within the ePortfolio application.   
  3. The eLearning systems and support team will assist with integration of the assessment item into an existing Blackboard course, providing assistance with configuration of the tool itself, and instructions for students in using the platform and submitting their assessment.
  4. The program/school will be asked to participate in one or more testing sessions, where configuration and workflow is demonstrated to staff to confirm that the outcomes meet the program/school requirements.
  5. The program /school will be asked to provide logistical information on the courses deploying ePortfolio, such as number of students, instructors, tutors, and external assessors.
  6. Training requirements for staff and students will be assessed and scheduled.  A program/school may decide to include initial student training within an early tutorial session.  Staff and tutors can attend a scheduled training session delivered by eLearning systems and support.  Training videos and resources will also be provided for staff and students.