Account types

There are three different levels of access available in the ePortfolio software:



For Tutors, Clinical Educators and Preceptors

  • Can only view and mark assignments submitted or allocated to them to mark
  • No access to edit or change TOCs (Table of Contents), Assessment instruments (rubrics) or forms.
assessor limited

Assessor - Administrator (Limited) Override

For Course Coordinator or School Administration staff

  • Can view all assignments submitted and transfer assignments to other staff to mark.
  • Can create and edit TOCs (Table of Contents), Assessment instruments (rubrics) and forms.
  • Can add external assessor accounts and send out external assessments.


For External Assessors, Practicum Supervisors, Placement Supervisors and Preceptors

  • Can only view and mark assignment submitted to them to mark.
  • Access is via an emailed link.
  • External Assessor only need to enter their email address to access to the ePortfolio (no passwords).
  • They have no access to view the rest of the ePortfolio.
  • There is an option for students to add External Assessors "on the fly" if they have not been previously added to the ePortfolio system when submitting an assignment.
    Note: The "on the fly" option is not available if students are using the Journal tool.

The icon which shows your level of access is located to the left of your name in ePortfolio. 

icon displayed

Note: Staff accounts must be set up before students are able to submit assignments to them to mark.

Note: The roles Administrator Override, Clerical Override, Reporting Override and Sub-Administrator are not in use at UQ. For more information on user types, refer to the User Type Permissions guide by Chalk&Wire. 

Assessor access and renewal of expired accounts

  1. Click on any ePortfolio link in your course (or a course from a previous Semester).

  1. Accept the Chalk and Wire (ePortfolio software) agreement.
  2. The ePortfolio landing page will be displayed and your account activated.

Note: If you do not have access to an ePortfolio course link, you will need to log a job to have an account added to the ePortfolio. Email with the subject line ePortfolio account.

Note: When students click on an ePortfolio course link they are taken directly to the required assignment submission page.

Note: It is possible to have staff accounts uploaded in bulk if necessary, see below.

Course Coordinator access (Administrator (Limited) override)

  1. Complete the above steps, which will give you an account with Assessor access.
  2. Log a job with and request Course Coordinator access (Administrator (Limited) override). 

Note: It is possible to have staff accounts uploaded in bulk if necessary, see below.

External Assessor access

Warning: If you require an internal staff member to have an external assessor account please use the email alias and not their standard UQ email address.

Note: External assessors will need to be added to the Department Contact Lists. Ensure that you select your school (Department in Chalk and Wire).

Note: If you school or organisational unit is not available in the Department Contact Lists, log a job by emailing to have it added.

Note:  Each external assessor will need their own unique email address. i.e. External assessors from the same business / organisation cannot all use a generic business email address.

Businesses / Organisations as External Assessors

If it is not possible to use unique email addresses for individual External assessors from the same business / organisation it is possible to add Busines / Organisations as External assessors.

  1. Set up the business as the "External assessor"
  2. Enter a hypen in the First Name field.
  3. Enter the business / organisation name in the Last Name field (include an identifer such as the suburb if the business is a franchise in a  business chain).
  4. Enter the general business /organisation email address in the Email field.

Note:  If students submit assessment to an external assessor they will need to be instructed to enter the business / organisational name not their external assessors name. You could include a form on the ePortfolio submission page that includes a field for the student to enter their assessors name.

Note: If assessments are distributed using Send External Assessment method the pairings will need to include the business / organisational name not the external assessors name (refer Send External Assessment). You could include a form that includes a field for the external assessor to enter their name.

Bulk staff account upload

It is possible to have staff accounts uploaded in bulk if it is not possible to have them use an ePortfolio link in Learn.UQ. You will need to log a job with and send the list of staff details in the required spreadsheet format.

Follow the below instructions to set up a spreadsheet with the student details in the required format.


To ensure the staff details are in the correct format, especially the email address it is best to first enrol the staff in a Blackboard course. Refer to the Enrol users guide.

Tip: If you do not have a Learn.UQ course you could request a "Sandpit course" (test course) on Staging (our test version of Learn.UQ). Log a job with to request a course.

  1. From the Control Panel select Users and Groups > Users.

  1. Click on the Show All button.
  2. Sort the list by Role to find the required Instructors and Teaching Assistants.
  3. Highlight and copy the information.


  1. Paste the values (use Paste Special > Values Only) is the cell A2 (highlighted red) of the tempate spreadsheet staffaccountupload.xlsx.
  2. Copy the contents of column B (requested_userid) to column I (student_number).

Note: Both the ePortfolio User ID and ePortfolio Student Number fields contain the staffs' UQ username i.e. uqasmith

  1. In column J (group_names) type in the name of your school and fill down.

Note: The email address must be in the format that is used in Learn.UQ.

  1. Delete the columns A, F, G and H.
  2. Save the spreadsheet and email it to