What is UQ Extend?

UQ Extend is UQ's instance of edX's non-profit online learning platform, designed to accommodate Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). UQ uses UQ Extend as private online learning modules for UQ standard SI-Net courses across many coursework degree programs.

Why would I use UQ Extend?

UQ Extend is used to create learning modules for coursework degree programs to achieve interactive online learning experiences. It allows you to build learning sequences (consisting of content and formative activities) that support deeper learning. It also provides access to course analytics that can inform your course design.

UQ Extend advantages and disadvantages


  • UQ Extend can be used to create learning sequences with situated problems, discussion questions
  • Students are able to track their own progress through a step-by-step course
  • Videos can have searchable transcripts
  • Analytics of the course is linked to the teacher’s dashboard 
  • Mobile enabled viewing


  • It is a second platform for students to navigate, and many of the features offered by UQ Extend can be replicated within your Learn.UQ blackboard course. 
  • It is not fully integrated with UQ 
  • Does not feed marks to Grade Centre so graded assessment discouraged at this time
  • The progress of individual students is difficult to track
  • Difficult to share and copy courses for future use
  • No database available for existing UQ Extend courses
  • No self enrolment option is available


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