What is Course Insights?

Course Insights is a learning analytics tool that provides academics with student data to make meaningful interpretations and to positively inform teaching strategies.

Note: Course Insights data is updated daily and can be used for teaching and learning purposes. An ethics approval will be required for research publications.

Why would I use Course Insights?

  • To increase my awareness of the characteristics of the course cohort to inform my teaching strategies.
  • To identify students early in the semester who are at-risk of not achieving course outcomes.
  • To better understand the curriculum design that best supports the learning outcomes of my course.
  • To provide students with feedback and reflect on my own teaching practices.

Case Studies

Carl Sherwood

Carl Sherwood shares his tips for using Course Insights to better understand your students and how they are performing.

Watch the video (YouTube, 2m 56s)

Professor Blake McKimmie

Professor Blake McKimmie shares his tips for using Course Insights to determine how particular cohorts of students are performing across each assessment task.

Watch the video (YouTube, 1m 38s)

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