Course Insights is by default only available to the staff member listed as the Course Coordinator in the course ECP.

Note: If you are a Course Coordinator who is unable to access Course Insights and are presented with a message such as “Course Insights is not currently available in this course” or “Course Insights is not currently available to user”, please log a support job by emailing to request access.

    Access Course Insights

    1. Access your Learn.UQ course.
    2. Select Course Insights from the Course Menu.

    Note: If the link does not appear in the Course Menu, ensure Edit Mode is turned on. Refer to the Turn on Edit Mode guide. 

    Tip: If the link is missing or has been accidentally deleted, refer to the Add Course Insights link to the Course Menu section of this guide.

    course insights link

      1. Course Insights will launch within your Learn.UQ course. To get started, refer to the Getting Started with Course Insights guide. 
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      Navigate back to your course

      1. Once you have finished accessing Course Insights, click on the course title (i.e. [TEST0019] Course Insights Playground) to return to your course homepage.

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      Add Course Insights link to the Course Menu

      If the Course Insights link does not automatically appear in the course menu, you can add a link to the tool manually.

      1. Click on the plus (+) button in the course menu.
      2. Select Tool Link from the dropdown list.

      add tool link

      1. Enter "Course Insights" into the Name textbox.
      2. Select Course Insights from the Type dropdown list. 

      Note: DO NOT check the Available to Users checkbox.

      1. Click on the Submit button.

      add info

      1. Click and drag the double-headed arrow to move the tool link underneath the existing Tips for Staff (Hidden) link.

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