This guide can be followed in the event that downloading the Marks as Excel file is not functioning inside of Inspera.

1. Transfer marks to Excel file

  1. Log into Inspera Assessment (
  2. Click on the Grade button.

Grade circled

  1. Locate and select your Test/Exam.

Test/exam circled

  1. Click on the Edit columns button.

Edit column button circled

  1. Ensure only ID and Final marks columns are checked.

ID and Final Marks circled and checked.

  1. Click on the Close button.

Close button circled

  1. Use your mouse to drag and highlight the ID and Final marks of all students that undertook the test.

ID's and Final marks highlighted

  1. Use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + C (Windows) or COMMAND + C (MAC) to copy the student results.
  2. Open a new workbook in Excel.
  3. Right-click on Cell A2 and paste the student results using the Match Destination Formatting option.

Paste button and match destination formatting button circled.

  1. Your student results will appear in columns A and B.

Warning: You may need to repeat Steps 7 to 10 if the results don't copy into the 2 columns correctly.

Student results in column A and B circled

  1. In Cell A1 type the word Username.

Username in Cell A1 circled

  1. Copy the column heading for your Test/Exam from your downloaded Grade Centre backup (in the below screenshot the column heading is Final Exam Mark [Total Pts: 60 Score] |697437). For further information on downloading your Grade Centre refer to Step 2 of the Transfer results from Inspera to your Learn.UQ course guide.

Final Exam column circled

  1. In your student results Excel workbook, paste the column heading into Cell B2.

Cell B2 circled with pasted column heading

  1. Save your Excel workbook as a CSV file.

Save as button circled and CSV circled in the file type drop down box

  1. Upload your results to Grade Centre, For further information refer to Step 4 of the Transfer results from Inspera to your Learn.UQ course guide.