There are three methods for setting up student access to an Inspera assessment.

  1. Providing students with access to Inspera via Learn.UQ - typically used for assessments throughout the Semester.
  2. Enrolling students in an assessment using CSV - typically used for End of Semester Examinations.
  3. Inviting students to an assessment via Test Code - typically used to deanonymise candidates, which means their first name, last name and UQ email address will appear in Inspera.

Feature comparison between access methods

The table below shows the features comparison between the three access methods.


Learn.UQ link


Enrolling students via CSVTest code
Student s-numbers (e.g., s1234567) are added to the assessment when students access itYesNoYes
Learn.UQ (Blackboard) Grade Centre column automatically created*YesNoNo
Marks automatically transfer to the Learn.UQ (Blackboard) Grade Centre*YesNoNo
Students log in via UQ Authenticate at uqi.inspera.comNoYesYes
Students log in via Learn.UQ (Blackboard)YesNoNo
Apply alternative exam arrangements ahead of timeNoYesNo
Option to deanonymise prior to the assessment being marked (show
students' first names, last names and UQ email addresses)
Option to deanonymise after the assessment is markedYesYesNo
Create an assessment using a test template (which has your preferred settings preset)YesYesYes
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