After you have created a Question Set, it is important that you pilot the content of this Question Set. The steps involved are:

  1. Create a test in Deliver.
  2. Add one-time users to test the question set. Tip: You can add yourself and your teaching team to the test so that everyone in your team can provide feedback to make necessary adjustments.
  3. Complete the test as a student.

Video Guide

Create one-time users in Inspera test (YouTube 1m 53s)


  1. Follow the steps to create a test in Deliver.
  2. Scroll down to the Candidates area and click on the Manage button.

Manage button circled

  1. From the Candidates window, click on the Add button and select One-time users from the drop-down menu.

Add button and one-time users drop down menu circled

  1. From the add candidates window, click on the auto-generate candidates link.

Auto-generate candidates link circled

  1. Enter the number of one-time users you would like to create into the textbox. Alternatively use the arrows to increase or decrease the number.

ont-time users text box and arrows circled

  1. Click on the Generate candidates button.

Generate candidates button circled

  1. The list of one-time users appears. You can change the Candidate ID if you wish (e.g., replace the number with a name).

Candidate ID textboxes circled

  1. Click on the Save button.

Save button circled

  1. Click on the Close button to return to the assessment’s setup page.

Close button circled

  1. The Candidates area will now show the number of one-time users you have just added.

Number of candidates circled

  1. Continue setting up your assessment, applying all other necessary settings, then Activate the assessment. For further information, refer to the following guides:
  2. Once on the Activated page, the login details can be found under the assessment open and close times.
  3. Click on the Candidate login details button to show all of the one-time user login details in a printable, one-per-page format.

Candidate login details button circled

  1. Alternatively, click on the Show as list link to display one-time user login details in a simple list.

Show as list link circled

  1. Distribute these details to those who need to use them (e.g., people who will be testing your assessment).

Example test student login details

The next step is to Complete your Inspera test as a student to pilot the test content and make necessary adjustments.