Bands and Criteria is pre-written feedback added to Manually marked question types. It enables graders to mark questions within criteria, and award marks using bands per criterion (in a similar way to rubrics).

Note: When you have only one criterion to mark a question, use the option Criteria in Marks.

Warning: Bands and Criteria must be added to questions in a question set prior to students taking the assessment for it to be useful.

Note: You should test (in Grader by using the adding one-time user guide) that the Band and Criteria are working as intended before activating the assessment. Once the assessment is finished, bands and criteria cannot be edited.

The feedback in bands and criteria is only visible to students in the Candidate Report, where students can see detailed feedback but not the original question.

Bands and Criteria can be created as points or percentages.

  • Point-based bands and criteria, e.g., the task is marked out of 20 points with three criteria
  • Percentage-based bands and criteria, e.g., the task is marked out of 100% or 100 points with three criteria