This section provides a tabular view of all relevant student data and enables filtering so that educators can determine groups/cohorts based on their selected criteria.  

Email students

You can use this feature to email one or more selected students.

  1. Check the checkbox next to the student or students that you would like to email. 
  2. Click on the EMAIL SELECTED STUDENTS button.

student checkbox and email students button is highlighted

  1. Either click on the COPY EMAIL ADDRESSES button (copies the email addresses to your clipboard) OR click on the OPEN DEFAULT EMAIL CLIENT button (drafts a blank email to selected students as BCC using your default email client). 

copy email addresses and open default email client buttons highlighted

  1. Click on the CLOSE button once you have finished. 

View student details

  1. Click on the arrow next to your desired student to view a snapshot of information about that student. 
  • Unique Video Counts: The total number of times students have played different videos in edX Edge, not including replays of the same video.
  • Total Video Plays: The total number of times students have played videos in edX Edge.
  • Total Video Pauses: The total number of times students have paused videos in edX Edge.
  • Blackboard Engagement: Displays the daily activity count calculated for the Blackboard learning platform. 
  • edX Edge Engagement: Displays the daily activity count calculated for the edX Edge learning platform. 

Note: Student engagement is measured as a daily activity count which is based on the student being active in Blackboard or edX Edge (i.e. clicking or watching a video) and activity pattern is calculated per minute (e.g. If a student views 10 different folders in a minute, the activity pattern is recorded as +10). Overall Engagement is the aggregate of all the students’ activity patterns per day.

student details highlighted

Toggle filter results

Enrolment, engagement and demographic information can be toggled to include additional information in the table.

  1. Click on the toggle to view this information as additional columns in the table.
  2. Click on the toggle again to hide this information. 

filter results toggles are highlighted

Sorting columns

You can sort the information in any column as either ascending or descending.

  1. Click on the column title to sort the column information as ascending. 
  2. Click on the column title again to sort the column information as descending. 

first name column title is highlighted

Search for a student

You can search for a particular student by first name, last name or student number. 

  1. Click on the Search button to launch the search bar.
  2. Enter a student name or number in the search bar to filter the search results below in the table. 

the search button are bar are highlighted

Download or print results

  1. Click on the download button to save the current information as a .csv file.
  2. Click on the print button to print the current information. 

download and print button

Show or hide columns

  1. Click on the columns button to view all column options.
  2. Check the checkbox for columns you wish to appear in the table. 
  3. Uncheck the checkbox for columns you wish to disappear from the table. 

columns dropdown


  1. Click on the filters button to view the range of filter available. 
  2. Select an option from any of the drop-down menus to apply a specific filter to the current student table. 

filters button highlighted

  1. Any filters that have been applied will appear below the Student List title. 
  2. Click on the next to any filters you wish to remove. 

X next to current filter is highlighted