'Guest' access to course sites' information within Learn.UQ is managed at three levels:

  1. System-levelmanaged by central Information Technology Services (ITS).
  2. Site-level: managed by UQ instructors or support staff at the individual site level (the site level 'guest' access has been turned on by 'default').
  3. Content areas-level: managed by UQ instructors or support staff at the course content area level (the content areas-level 'guest' access has been turned on by 'default' during the site creation process for the content areas listed below).  

The following content areas can be viewed (by default):

  •     Announcements
  •     Electronic Course Profile (ECP)
  •     Learning Resources
  •     Library links (set by the Library to be only viewable by enrolled UQ students)

All UQ staff and students (those with UQ logins) can view the above mentioned course materials in Learn.UQ. This however does not apply to the general public.

Permission to change the default settings must be sought from the Associate Dean academic.

Instructions for Configuring Guest Access Availability

In Tool settings:
1.    Locate your course and go to the Course Management menu.
2.    From the Control Panel choose: Customisation - Tool Availability.
3.    The Tool availability page will load showing which tools are available where and to whom.
4.    For each tool listed, set or unset the Visible to Guests checkbox for each tool.
5.    If a specific tool is marked in grey on the list, it indicates that guest access is not available for that particular tool.