Checkbox is now supported by Information Technology services. 

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What is Checkbox?

Checkbox is UQ's centrally supported survey tool.

Why would I use Checkbox?

Checkbox allows anyone with a staff account (RHD students should have staff accounts) to develop and conduct surveys of UQ staff, UQ students and external participants. Checkbox has a large variety of question types, allows the use of conditional questions and branching. You can also add other staff to your survey as administration. The surveys also contain UQ branding.

Surveys should be developed and conducted following the policy 4.20 Responsible Conduct of Research.

Other considerations

Surveys (Bb): The Blackboard Survey tool allows you to survey students within your course and have the results automatically collated. The survey tool uses the same question types as available in Tests (Bb) and also allows you to use questions from Pools. Answers to survey questions are anonymous.