Microsoft notified all users in October 2017 of the decision to retire the Office Mix server and shut down the service (See the Office Mix website for further details). Therefore all staff who have uploaded content to the Office Mix website will be required to follow the below steps in order to retrieve their content and make it available to their students.

  1. Download all Office Mix presentations using the Download an Office Mix Presentation guide.
  2. Publish your Office Mix presentation as a Video using the Publishing your Mix as a Video guide.
  3. Upload your Video to Kaltura using the Insert a Kaltura Video into a Content Area guide.
  4. If you require any quiz functionality refer to the Create a Video Quiz guide. Results from Kaltura Video Quizzes will return to Grade Centre.

Note: Office Mix presentations for Semester 2 should be downloaded and once your Semester 2 course is available can be added to Kaltura.