All staff and students have a My Media area where they can:

  • upload video/audio files,
  • contribute videos/audio to the Course Gallery of courses they are members of, so that other course members may view/listen them (refer Course Gallery guide),
  • staff can contribute videos/audio to their Faculty Repository so they can be used by other staff members of their faculty,
  • create webcam recordings
  • create screen recordings
  • delete video and audio files.

All videos you upload to a Learn.UQ(Blackboard) course are automatically stored in your My Media area.

Videos/audio uploaded to My Media can be inserted into a Learn.UQ(Blackboard) course anywhere there is a Visual Textbox Editor (Announcements, Items, Discussion Board, Blogs, Journals, Wikis and Assignments) (refer Insert a Video using the Text Editor guide).

Videos can be uploaded to My Media can also be inserted into a Content Area (Learning Resources or Assessment) using the Content Menu. (refer Insert a Kaltura Video into a Content Area guide).

Note: To use Kaltura on campus you must be logged into the UQ Internet Quota System. i.e. Enter any external website address into your browser, enter your user name and password and click continue.

Access to My Media

  1. Login to Learn.UQ (Blackboard).
  2. Click on the My Media link.

my media link in Learn.UQ Blackboard

Upload a video

  1. Click on the Add New button.
  2. Select Media Upload from the drop down menu.

add new button and media upload link

  1. Click on the Choose a file to upload button.

Choose a file to upload button.

  1. Select and open the required video file.

Open window with the desired video circled and the open button circled

  1. As the recording uploads, enter a relevant Name for your video in the Name textbox.
  2. Enter a description of your recording in the Description textbox.

Upload media screen with Name text box circled and the description text box circled

  1. Type any identifiers/catergories in the Tags textbox. Include a tag for each: course code, year/semester offering, topic.
    Example tags: POLS1201, S2_2016, video case study
  2. Click on the tag name if you would like to create a new tag, or alternatively select one of the previously used tags from the drop down list.

Note: It is recommended that recordings have tags associated with them. This enables better search functionality and organisation of recordings.

    Tags screen with an example of a new tag

    Contribute to Faculty Repository

    Adding your recording to the Faculty Repository gives other staff access to it.

    1. Optionally click on the Click to add required metadata for shared repository button.
    2. Select the relevant Faculty/School(s) to add your video to the shared repository.

    Tags screen with click to add required metadata for shared repository button circled

    1. Wait for the recording to upload.

    Upload media screen with the upload bar circled and showing 100%

    1. Click on the Save button.

    Note: You will need to save first, prior to publishing your recording to a specific course gallery.

    Upload media screen with the save button circled

    Publish your video to a Course Gallery

    The Course Gallery of a course is a searchable and sortable display of all media content published to a course by either staff or students. To include your recording in a specific course, you will need to publish it to that particular course media gallery.

    1. Select the Published radio button.
    2. Check the relevant course code from the list.
    3. Click on the Save button.

    Upload media screen with the media successfully published message circled and the go to my media link circled

    1. A confirmation message will be shown and your video will be published in the selected course media gallery.
    2. Click on Go To My Media to return to My Media.

    Upload media screen with the media successfully published message circled and the go to my media link circled

    View the video in the Course Gallery

    Note: You will need to have added a Media Gallery tool link (named: Course Gallery) to the Course Menu of your Learn.UQ (Blackboard) course. Refer to the Course Gallery guide for more information.

    You will also need to publish your videos to the course site so they can be viewed by students through the Course Gallery

    1. From the Course Menu, select the Course Gallery link. Any recordings published to the course will be shown within the Media Gallery and are available to students.

    Course menu with the course gallery link circled

    Open a recording

    1. Access My Media.
    2. Locate the recording that you would like to open then click on the video thumbnail/title.

    My media with the video thumbnail and video title link circled

    Edit a video

    1. Access My Media.
    2. Locate the recording that you would like to edit then click on the Edit button.

    My media screen with the edit button circled next to video

    1. Choose from one of the edit options (i.e. click on the Thumbnails tab to add a thumbnail image for your recording).

    Edit video screen with the thumbnails tab circled

    Delete a recording

    1. Access My Media.
    2. Locate the recording that you would like to remove then click on the Delete button.

    My media screen with the delete button circled next to a video

    1. Click on the Delete button to confirm.

    Note: Deleting the recording from your My Media will also remove the recording from any course that you previously published it to.

    Delete confirmation screen with delete button circled

    Change Video Ownership

    Staff can reassign ownership of media entirely which will remove the video from their My Media. This reduces the risk of staff having sole access to course content after they no longer teach a certain course. Staff can also add collaborators to give another person editing and publishing rights, while still maintaining access rights to the video.

    Change Media Owner

    1. Access My Media from the Tools menu in Learn.UQ (Blackboard).

    the my media option is highlighted

    1. Click on the Edit button of the video you wish to change ownership for.

    the edit button is highlighted

    1. Click on the Collaboration tab in the menu.

    the collaboration tab is highlighted

    1. In the Collaboration tab, click on the Change media owner button.

    the change media ownership button is highlighted

    1. Enter the UQ username of the person you wish to assign video ownership rights to.
    2. Click on the Save button.

    the username text-field and save button are highlighted

    Add a Collaborator

    1. In the Collaboration tab, click on the Add Collaborator button.

    the add collaborator button is highlighted

    1. Enter the UQ username of the person you wish to add as a collaborator.
    2. Tick the Co-Editor and Co-Publisher checkboxes.
    3. Click on the Add button.

    the text-field, checkboxes and add button are highlighted