In-class active learning tools can be used to engage students and promote deeper understanding in lectures and tutorials.  All of the tools below allow students to respond to questions in-class on their phone, tablet or laptop. 


UQpoll allows teaching staff to pose multiple choice questions in class in their PowerPoint presentation, on the board or verbally. Students vote for the option via a webpage. The answers are then displayed in the front of the class as a graph.

Students Staff
UQpoll student view UQpoll staff view

Refer to the UQPoll - UQ Active Learn guide.


UQwordcloud allows teaching staff to pose short answer questions in class with students being able to enter responses of up to 25 characters. The answers are then collated and displayed at the front of the class as a 'word cloud' for discussion.

Students Staff
Student UQwordcloud

Refer to the UQWordcloud - UQ Active Learn guide.


UQwordstream allows teaching staff to pose open-ended response questions in class with students being able to enter free-text responses up to 1000 characters.  The answers are then displayed at the front of a class in a ‘Twitter’ like feed.

Students Staff
Student UQwordstream Staff - UQwordstream

Refer to the UQWordstream - UQ Active Learn guide.


Padlet allows students to submit free text responses to an instructor's questions on a 'virtual wall' (webpage).  The instructor can then select particular answers for discussion.


Refer to the How to Sign Up to Padlet and Setup and / or Modify a Padlet Wall guides.


ResponseWare is a fully featured student response system that allows teaching staff to include a variety of interactive question types in their lectures including multiple choice, multiple response, numeric and short answer questions. Results are displayed with the question in a PowerPoint slide.

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Students ResponseWare Staff ResponseWare

Refer to Getting started with ResponseWare guide.