Design a Banner

You can design a banner using graphic software (e.g. Photoshop), an online banner tool or the UQ banner tool.

Banners usually contain the following components:

  • Course code
  • Course title
  • Program / Major (optional)
  • School (optional)
  • Graphic that represents the content of the course (optional)

Note: The size of your Banner should not be too large otherwise it will create the need for scrolling. Blackboard recommends 480 pixels across by 80 pixels high, so as course sites can be viewed on mobile phones without scrolling. This is rather small, we would recommend 600 pixels across by 100 pixels high.

UQ Banner tool

  1. Visit the web address:
  2. Enter the Course code.
  3. Enter the course Title.

Note: If you access the Banner tool from the Tips for Staff (Hidden) content area in your course the Course code and Title will be prepopulated. You may need to abbreviate long course titles.

  1. Enter a search word in the Search for a background image.
    • ​​Select the required image. OR
  2. Enter the address of an image from the web in the Use your own image textbox. Click on Use.
  3. Click on the Download banner button.

Add a banner

Add a Banner

  1. From the Control Panel select Customisation > Teaching Style.

  1. Scroll down to the section SELECT BANNER.
  2. Check the Delete this banner checkbox.
  3. Click on the Browse My Computer button.

Browse my computer button

  1. Navigate to and select the required image.
  2. Click on the Submit button.


  1. Banner is only displayed on the Announcement page.