2. Setup Inspera assessment in Learn.UQ

  1. Access your assessment folder.
  2. Click on the Build Content button.

Build content button circled

  1. Select Inspera Assessment from the dropdown menu.

Inspera assessment circled

  1. Add a title for the test in the Name textbox. The naming convention for your Inspera Assessment should be as follows; Course code, year, SemesterAssessment name eg. ABCD1234 2022 S1 Week 3 Quiz.

Name textbox circled

Note: The title given in the Name textbox will be transferred into Inspera.

  1. Add "Click on the link above to access your assessment" to the Description textbox.

Description textbox circled

Tip: You can add additional information to the Description textbox such as links to student guides and assessment information.

  1. From the Enable Evaluation radio buttons:
    • Yes, creates a Grade Centre column for marks to automatically transfer to after the assessment is graded.
    • No, a Grade Centre column won't be created and marks won't be transferred after grading.
  2. Enter the total marks for the assessment into the Points Possible textbox.
  3. From the Visible to Students radio buttons:
    • Yes, shows results to students in My Grades.
    • No, results are hidden from students in My Grades.
  4. Leave the Due Date field blank, this is controlled by Inspera Assessment.

Enable valuation and visible to students radio buttons along with the points possible textbox circled

  1. From the Permit Users to View this Content radio buttons:
    • Yes, the link will be available to students.
    • No, the link will be unavailable to students.


Note: If the link is available to students, they will be able to click it and gain access to the Inserpa assessment dashboard (which enrolls them as “candidates” in the assessment), but they will not be able to enter the assessment until the start date and time that you will specify in Inspera.

  1. Optionally, select Yes from the Track Number of Views radio button if you need statistics on which students have viewed the content.
  2. Optionally, set Select Date and Time Restrictions:
    • If required, select the Display After checkbox and enter the date using the Date Selection Calendar and enter the time using the Time Selection Menu.
    • If required, select the Display Until checkbox and enter the date using the Date Selection Calendar and enter the time using the Time Selection Menu.

Permit users to view this content radio buttons circled

Note: The Display After and Display Until dates and times only control the link availability and not the availability of the Inspera Assessment.

  1. Click on the Submit button.

Submit button circled

  1. Click on the Inspera Assessment link to complete the setup. For further information, refer to the following guides:

Inspera Assessment link circled

Warning: You are unable to apply Alternative Examination Arrangements in advance when using this method.