Inspera Assessment uses terms that may have different meanings in other eLearning tools. 

CommitteeA group created for marking purposes. Each committee can have separate markers (Graders) and students (Candidates) assigned to them. Committees are set up within a Test.
Composite QuestionA block that can contain multiple questions of varying types (Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, True / false, Text Entry, Numeric Entry, Math Entry, Inline Choice and Math Working). Marks per question are the same for each question added, and students only see a total mark for the combined questions.
Demo TestAn Assessment made available for everyone in Student view. To access click on the Demo tests tab and select the required test link. These can be created by Extended Users and can also be made publicly available by sharing a weblink.
FiltersA way of refining search results. Allows you to select options to conduct targeted searches. Used in multiple places such as the Test area and the Monitor area.

Labels are a key way to create structure and organisation in Inspera. You should add one or more labels to every question so that you can find questions you would like to use again more easily or to narrow search results. You can also use Labels to create groups of questions by filtering by Views. Labels are similar to tags used on blogs.

Mark Scheme

A file that instructs a Grader (marker) on how to mark student responses and is not visible to students. Mark Schemes can be added to individual questions, or the overall assessment. When you add a Mark Scheme to a question, it is attached to that question and will be included any Test that has that question in it. If you add a Mark Scheme to the overall assessment, you can do this at the time of creation or afterwards when grading.

Note: you cannot add Mark Schemes to individual questions when grading, this can only be done at the overall assessment level.

Minutes SpentThe number of minutes that have elapsed since the student clicked "Start test". The timer continues counting, even if the student has lost their internet connection. The timer stops when the student submits the assessment or when the assessment window closes.

A question that appears in an assessment item. Questions are added to Question Sets, which are then attached to a Test during the Deliver process. The same Question can be used in more than one Question Set. If a Question is edited in one Question Set it will be changed in all Question Sets where it has been added.

Questions AreaThe library of all questions you have created in Inspera, across all courses. Under Questions, you can build one question at a time. The term Question Bank is used to refer to your full library of questions when adding questions to a Question Set.
Question AssignmentThe ability to assign questions to certain Graders for marking using the Distribution of Questions setting.
Question BankRefer to Question Area.
Question Set

The full set of information pages and questions that will be used in an assessment. From the Author menu select Question Set and create your assessment task. You then add your Question Set to a Test which includes other settings such as start time, end time and duration. A Question Set can be reused in more than one Test.

TestAll assessments in Inspera (e.g. exams, quizzes, sequence assessments) are referred to as "tests". When you see the word "test" it just refers to the assessment item on which you are presently working.