4. Getting started - Overview of Assessment Items


    The ECP provides overview of the assessment items of the course and a copy of this table should be included in the Assessment menu item.

    This assessment will be used for training purposes. Note: The content and practice tasks in this course is just an example of assessment to demonstrate different grade centre columns and is not representative of the 4 assessment limit outlined in section 3.1.2 of the Assessement policy and procedure.

      1. Research Essay

      • Turnitin assignment
      • Marked out of 20.
      • Worth 30% of the final mark

      2. Tutorial questions

      • Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
      • Only the best 3 results out of 5 are used.
      • Each tutorial question set is marked out of 10.
      • The tutorial questions are worth 10% of the final mark.

      3. Mid-Semester Exam

      • Inspera online test 
      • Marked out of 100
      • Worth 40% of the final mark

      4. Research Presentation

      • This assessment is an oral presentation and does not include the submission of a file.
      • Marked out of 50
      • Worth 20% of the final mark.

      5. Professional Seminar Performance (Pass/Fail)

      Students' participation in a compulsory professional seminar is marked P/F and is worth 0% of the final mark.

      Task to complete

      View the assessment table, the turnitin link, and the auto-created column

      1. From the course menu, select Assessment 
      2. View the assessment table
      3. View the Turnitin link for the Research Essay - Assessment 1
      4. From the Control Panel, select Grade Centre > Full Grade Centre
      5. View the Research Essay column that has been automatically created for the turnitin assignment