20. View the overall Grade History report

    The grade history page lists all the changes that have occurred to grades within a course during the selected timeframe.

    Note: There are known issues with Turnitin assignment marks appearing as if students have updated their own or other students' grades. 

    Warning: If you are looking for the Grade History of students that have withdrawn from the course, you will first need to re-enable them in the course. For further information, refer to the Withdrawn student management guide.

    Task to complete

    Viewing the Grade History report

    1. From the Control Panel, select Grade Centre > Full Grade Centre
    2. Select View Grade History from the Reports drop down menu
    3. In the Show Entries from Past drop down, select from the following data parameters for your search results:
      • 1 Day
      • 7 Days
      • 14 Days
      • 30 Days
      • 6 Months
      • All
    4. Click on the Go button. 

    Download the Grade History report

    1. Click on the Download button. 
    2. Select the Delimiter Type:
      • Comma - delimited files (.CSV) has data items separated by commas.
      • Tab – delimited files (.XLS) have data items separated by tabs.
      • Note: Both files open in an excel spreadsheet.
    3. Select the Yes radio button to include Comments.
    4. Click on the Submit button. 

    For more information, refer to the Grade History Report guide.