9. Enter and Edit Marks

    Video Guide

    Enter Marks (YouTube 1m 24s)

    Tasks to complete

    Enter marks

    For Assessment#2, the tutorial questions are paper-based and hand-marked so the results need to be manually entered.

    1. Click on the required cell and enter the student’s mark. Press the Enter key on your keyboard.
    2. Enter results for each tutorial (mark out of 10) in TUT 2, including:
      • preview user: 10
      • studious_student 1: 8
      • studious_student 2: do not put any mark in
      • studious_student 3: 4

    For more information, refer to the Enter Marks Only guide.

    Video Guide

    Edit marks and record reasons (YouTube 1m 14s)

    Edit marks and record reasons

    When a mark needed to be adjusted, i.e. late submission penalty, mark moderation, the reason for the mark change should be recorded so the validity of the final grades can easily be checked.

    1. Hover over the result that needs adjusted
    2. Click on the down arrowView grade details > Edit Grade button (under Actions tab)
    3. Enter comment to explain the mark change in Grading Notes: "Mark has been moderated."
    4. Save and return to the Full Grade Centre

    View the history of grade change of the assessment item

    1. Click on the down arrow in the assessment column in grade centre
    2. Select View Grade History and all changes recorded for this assessment will be displayed. 

    For more information, refer to the Edit a Mark and Record a Reason guide.