22. My Grades

    Video Guide

    My Grades (YouTube 1m 4s)

    My Grades gives students access to view information (marks) on all assessment items in the Grade Centre. Course coordinator can use Student Preview tool their course as a student and check what students see in My Grades.

    Policy: In any case, students will be given the opportunity to view their examination script within twenty calendar days of the release of the final grade and within the first two weeks of the following semester (note –  for the purpose of this clause, both semester 2 and summer semester are followed by semester 1). For further information, refer to section 3.4.1 of the Assessement policy and procedure.

    Task to complete

    1. View the grades as a student using the preview student and My Grades.
    2. Make sure the columns are not hidden.
    3. Select the Enter Student View button on the top right corner

    For more information, refer to the Grades (My Grades) guide.