24. Review and Submit

    Task to complete


    Before submitting, go back through your Grade Centre staging course and ensure you have completed the following tasks:

    Have you:

    • Viewed the Assessment Table in Assessment?
    • Viewed the Turnitin link for Research Essay assignment?
    • Viewed the  Research Essay column in Full Grade Centre
    • Added a preview-user to Full Grade Centre?

    For Assignment 1, have you:

    • Edited results, make notes, and view changes in Grade History?
    • Organised the columns for better view in Grade Centre?

    For Assignment 2, have you:

    • Created a column for TUT 10?
    • Created the Tutorials category?
    • Assigned TUT 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 with Tutorials category?
    • Entered results to TUT 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 with some fail, pass, and no submission?
    • Created the total column for TUT FINAL?

      For Assignment 3, have you:

      • Created a column for Exam?
      • Downloaded Grade Centre?
      • Downloaded the Inspera Exam results file and prepared it?
      • Uploaded the edited Inspera Exam results to Grade Centre?

      For Assignment 4, have you:

      • Created a rubric for the presentation?
      • Created a column for Research Presentation and attached the rubric?
      • Marked all students?

      For Assignment 5, have you:

      • Created a Pass/Fail Grading Schema?
      • Created the SEMINAR column, selected Pass/Fail for the primary display?
      • Entered 0 or 1 for each student?

      For Final Grade, have you:

      • Created a UQ 1-7 Grading Schema?
      • Created a weighted column for Final Grade, and selected the UQ 1-7 Grading schema for primary display?

      For other tasks, have you:

      • Used colour coding for grades?
      • Viewed the overall Grade History report?
      • View My Grades


      Upon completion, send an email to elearningadvisors@uq.edu.au. Each task will be checked by an eLearning Advisor and you will be provided with feedback if any tasks require re-submission. Once you have successfully completed the online workshop, course completion will be recorded through Staff Development.