6. Email reminder to non-submitted students

    Video Guide

    Send Reminder in Grade Centre (YouTube 58s)

    Non-submitted students can be notified using the Send Reminder function in Grade Centre. Assessment#1 in this sample course has already been marked, but one student did not submit their work.

    Task to complete

    Email reminder to non-submitted students:

    1. From the Control Panel, select Grade Centre > Full Grade Centre
    2. Click on the grey down arrow in the RESEARCH ESSAY column > select Send Reminder from the drop-down menu 
    3. Click on the OK button for message pop-up Are you sure you want to send a reminder email to one student who does not have a grade or submission?
    4. The message that your students will receive reads:

    You currently don't have a grade or submission for the following coursework: Title: Research Essay - Mark out of 30 points Course: [ELRN0739] Introduction to ELearning (ELRN0739N_7160_00001) Course ID: ELRN0739N_7160_00001 Due date: 06/09/2021 Please log in to review the instructions for this coursework and check the calendar for all due dates.”

    For more information, refer to the Reminder guide.