14. Mark non-submission assignments using a rubric

    Video Guide

    Mark non-submission work using a rubric (YouTube 1m 47s)

    Task to complete

    Mark the assessment Research Presentation using the Research Rubric

    1. In the Research Presentation column, click on arrow of the preview_user> View Grade Details
    2. Under Current Grade Value, click on the View Rubric button. Note: The rubric can be viewed in either Grid View or List View.
    3. In Grid View: click on the rubric grid for each criteria
    4. Click on the Save button
    5. Enter Great job! in the Feedback to Learner textbox
    6. Click on the Save button.
    7. Click on the Return to Grade Centre.
    8. Complete marking other student assignments.

    For more information, refer to the Enter Marks using a Rubric guide.