17. Create a Weighted Column for Final Grade

    Video Guide

    Create Weighted Column (YouTube 4m 38s)

    A Weighted Column can calculate the Final Grade from all the grade columns with different weighting in Grade Centre.

    Policy: Results for all summative assessment items are to be made available to individual students through the eLearning Management System on completion of marking, with the exception of the final assessment item which is to be released only after the final grade for the course has been released. For further information, refer to section 3.5.6 of the Assessement policy and procedure.

    Task to complete

    Create a weighted column for Final Grade 

    1. From the Control Panel, select Grade Centre > Full Grade Centre
    2. Select Weighted Column from the Create Calculated Column drop-down menu
    3. Enter Final Grade in the Column Name textbox
    4. Select UQ Grading 1-7 from the Primary Display drop-down menu
    5. Select Percentage from the Secondary Display drop-down menu
    6. Under Columns to Select, select  Research EssayTut FinalExam, Research Presentation, then click on arrow to bring them over to the Selected Columns table on the right.
    7. Enter:
    • 30% onto the Research Essay box
    • 10% onto the Total Tut box
    • 40% onto the Exam box
    • 20% onto the Research Presentation box
    1. Select No for Calculated as running total
    2. Under Options:
      • select the No radio button for the setting Include this column in Grade Centre calculations
      • select the No radio button for the setting Show this column to students
      • select the No radio button for the setting Show statistics (average and median) for this column to Students in My Grades
    3. Click on the Submit button.

    For more information, refer to the Weighted column (Final Marks) guide.