Reuse a test

Tests can only be used (deployed) once, though you can allow students multiple attempts of the one test. To reuse a test from a previous year or to allow students to complete a test again for revision, you need to create a copy of the test. You then need to deploy the test to a Content Area (Learning Resources or Assessment) so students can access it and complete it.

Creating a new test

The steps involved in creating a test are:

1. Create the test

The first step is to create a test canvas with information on the test title, description and instructions. The test is created in Control Panel > Tests, Surveys and Pools > Tests tool administration page.

2. Add test questions

Create new questions or reuse questions from a pool (a bank of questions) or another test.

Question types available are:

  • Multiple choice
  • Multiple answer
  • True / False
  • Either / Or
  • Matching
  • Ordering
  • Calculated numeric
  • Calculated formulas
  • Short answer
  • Essay
  • File response
  • Fill in the blank
  • Fill in multiple blanks
  • Jumbled sentence
  • Hot spot

3. Add random question blocks (optional)

A Random Block allows you to specific a given number of questions are drawn randomly from a pool into a test. Each student is randomly allocated questions each time they start a test attempt.

4. Deploy a test

Students cannot access or complete a test until it is deployed to a Content Area (Learning Resources or Assessment). When deploying a test you set options including availability, number of attempts, timing, password and question display layout. A column to store the marks is also automatically created in Grade Centre.

5. Mark test questions (optional)

The test question types Short answerEssay and File response must be marked by the instructor through Grade Centre. Once these questions are marked, the total test mark will be automatically calculated and stored in Grade Centre.

6. View test results (Staff and Students)

The total mark from the test is automatically stored in Grade Centre. Students can view their results through the test link in the Content Area (Learning Resources or Assessment) or through My Grades.