ePortfolio Assessment Map and Student Training Plan

ePortfolio Assessment Map Bachelor of Laws - Statutory Interpretation

Why use the UQ ePortfolio

Bachelor of Laws (Honours) - Statutory Interpretation Student Training Checklist

Bachelor of Laws (Honours) - Statutory Interpretation Configuration Testing Checklist


To test your ePortfolio set up:

  1. Enrol an ePortfolio Test student to your course.
  2. Sign into Blackboard using the Law ePortfolio Test Student and access the ePortfolio as the student.
  3. Submit the assessment items as a student to yourself.
  4. Delete test student submissions. Access Completed Assessment (Chalk and Wire) guide - Delete instead of Releasing the assessment.


The following tasks must be completed each Semester by the Course Coordinator/ School:

Task submission links

  • Recreate links in your course to (links copied from a previous semester do not work):
    • Check the points possible in the old links i.e. Edit the link
    • Check the Grading Schema used in the old links for the column in Grade Centre i.e. Edit Column Information and check the Primary Display.
    • Recreate the links - ensure you select Yes for Evaluation.

Refer to the Create an ePortfolio submission link guide. 

Course staff accounts

  • Ensure all course staff have ePortfolio (Chalk and Wire) accounts before students need to submit work. Accounts are valid for 5 years.

Refer to the Create ePortfolio course staff accounts guide.

Alumni Access Information

At the end of your program post an announcement to your students and provide them with details on how to retain access to their ePortfolio after graduation. Refer your students to the ePortfolio access after Graduation guide for further information. An example of the announcement can be found below:

Good morning All,

At the completion of your Bachelor of Law program, your ePortfolio account will transition to that of an alumni account. To retain access to your ePortfolio you will need to complete the steps in the ePortfolio access after Graduation guide. The steps in this guide should only be completed upon your official completion of the Bachelor of Law. If you intend to complete any further studies at UQ in another discipline, you are not required to complete this process at this time.

If you have any questions or problems with the process please contact the AskUs team in the library.


Technical issues

Email: help@elearning.uq.edu.au

Program-level support to update or implement new assessment tasks

Make an appointment with the eLearning Solution Service. Please refer to the eLearning Solution Service page for further information.


Train-the-Trainer support to help Course Coordinators deliver training to students
ePortfolio marking workshop (“just in time”)
School-based ePortfolio workshop for teaching and tutoring staff
Email: elearningadvisors@uq.edu.au

Please refer to the Custom Workshops page for further information.