Using Grade Centre is an opportunity to enhance grade management and security compared to use of spreadsheets. Grade Centre has built-in logging and monitoring of data which has been an important part of resolving mistakes in the past. Tips for efficiently recording your exam results in Grade Centre include:

  • Creating Manual entry columns to record the results of each exam section.
  • Ensuring results are not made available to students by changing the Grade Centre column settings - Hide from Students (on/off).
  • Improving the ease of entering results by hiding all unnecessary columns in Manage > Column Organisation. Columns can be redisplayed once you have finished entering results. For more information, refer to the Show, Hide and Change Column order guide. 
  • Using a Total or Weighted column to add exam section results so an exam's total results can be calculated .
  • Performing non-standard calculations by using the spreadsheet download and upload capability.

Reminder: The SI-net merge tool can be used to download Grade Centre marks to a spreadsheet in the correct format for upload to SI-net.

For additional information, refer to the Grade Centre tool page.