3. Prior to Assessment

  1. Send out a reminder message to external assessors (if a long gap exists between your welcome message and the assessment period) reminding them of the assessment process and the resources available. (See email template)
  2. Engage students with the assessment criteria to ensure they understand how they are being assessed and what the outcomes are.
  3. Provide students with timelines of submission dates, who they are required to submit to and point them to the instructions and support in their Learn.UQ course site. Students should be familiar with how to check that their submission has been successful and where to navigate to view their results and feedback (there are guides linked in their Learn.UQ course which cover all the technical aspects of ePortfolio).


  1. Include a marking deadline in the email to assessors.
  2. Consider a timeline in which to remind students to submit and assessors to mark.

Example reminder email to assessors

Email tip: Attach any school-specific assessing information to assist the external assessor.

Dear ______,

Our student is nearing the conclusion of their placement with you. Shortly, you will receive an email from the UQ ePortfolio, (Chalk&Wire Portfolio Assessment) and will have the subject line Work to Assess from UQePortfolio - Last Name, First Name (where the last name and first name of the student would appear).

The email will contain a link to the Quick Start Guide for External Assessors which contains a written and video guide on the marking process and providing feedback. It will also contain a link to the UQ ePortfolio and when clicked, it will direct you to a sign-in page. To sign-in, type in the email address at which you received the email. Please note, when entering your email address, it is case sensitive and needs to be entered exactly as we have recorded in our system.

If you encounter any problems when attempting to mark the assessment or you do not receive an email, please advise our students so they can follow some troubleshooting steps and provide you with assistance. If you still encounter issues and the student is unable to assist, please contact us via (add email address/ contact details).

Kind regards,


(School details)