2. Prior to placement

  1. Send welcome message and placement documentation to external assessors. (See email template)
  2. Advise that the assessment process will be completed electronically via UQ ePortfolio, Chalk&Wire. When a student submits work for them to assess, they will receive an email from "Chalk&Wire Portfolio Assessment" with a link to login to the system to assess student's work.
  3. Provide training to students on how to assist external assessors with using the software ie. locating email, logging in and the assessment interface.


  1. Include a marking deadline in the email.
  2. Remind students that feedback is vital to their personal growth and that it provides employability skills ie. showing colleagues how to use technology.

Example welcome email to assessors

Dear ______,

Thank you for taking the time to mentor our students. As a component of their course, students are required to have their performance evaluated by their external supervisor.

In order to evaluate the student’s performance during their time with you, we will be using the University’s ePortfolio platform. When the student nears the conclusion of their placement they will submit work to you in order to facilitate the feedback process. Once they submit their work, you will receive an email from Chalk&Wire Portfolio Assessment and will have the subject line Work to Assess from UQePortfolio - Last Name, First Name (where the last name and first name of the student would appear).

The email will contain a link to the Quick Start Guide for External Assessors which contains a written and video guide on the marking and feedback process.

To login and assess the student, click on the "Go to UQ ePortfolio" link and login with your email address.

We will send a follow-up email in the lead up to when our students should be submitting their work with additional information. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via (add email address/ contact details).

Kind regards,


(School details)