A group membership list can be downloaded in CSV format (Excel file) using the Export tool in Groups.  Only students who are members of a group will be included in the file.

Export file

  1. Navigate to the relevant Learn.UQ course.
  2. From the Control Panel select Users and Groups.
  3. Select Groups.

  1. Click on the Export button.

  1. Choose what information you want to export:
    • Groups
    • Group members only
    • Groups and group members
    • and whether you include a Header row.
  2. Click on the Submit button.
  3. Check your Outlook inbox for a noreply@its.uq.edu.au email with the Subject line Bulk Export Complete.
  4. Right click on the link in the email content area to download the .zip file, select Copy Hyperlink.

  1. Paste the link into a new tab in your current browser, i.e. the one where you are already logged into learn.uq and click Enter.
  2. Your .zip file should appear in your Downloads folder.
  3. Open your Downloads folder and right click on the .zip file.  Select the choice Extract all or Unzip (on a mac).
  4. Choose Extract/Unzip.
  5. You will see one or two Excel files depending on your choice above.

File format

The format of the downloaded file will be

  • Group Name, Username, Student number, First Name, Family name.