This option automatically distributes students into groups based on a designated number of students per group or a designated number of groups.

Student can access the group tools or assignments via the My Groups menu.

View Groups listing page

  1. From the Control Panel, select Users and Groups > Groups.

Control panel with users and groups circled as well as groups circled

  1. The Groups page will be displayed.

Note: In this example two group sets have already been created.

Groups page

Random Enrol

  1. Click on the Create button.
  2. Select Random Enrol from the drop-down list under Group Set..

Create button circled and random enrol under group set circled in the drop down menu

Group Information

  1. Enter a name for the groups in the Name textbox.

Note: Do not use special characters, e.g. "_, > <'; as they will not be recognized by the system and will not be displayed in Group Assessments.

  1. Enter a description of the purpose of the group and instructions for students in the Description textbox.
  2. Select a radio button from Group is visible to students.
    • No: the groups are not available for students to enrol into.
    • Yes: students may enrol and immediately use group tools.

Group information setup with required fields circled.

Tool Availability

  1. Select the checkboxes of the tool you want available to the groups.
  2. Select the Grade: Points possible radio buttons for the items you wish to mark.

Tool availability

  1. Either enter the total marks for the item in the Grade: Points possible textbox OR
  2. Alternvatively, click on the Add Rubric button.

Points possible amount circled and the add rubric button circled

Tools: Refer to the Group Tools guide for information on the purpose and use of each tool.

Note: For more information, refer to the Rubric guide on how to set up a rubric.

Note: For more information, refer to the relevant tool page (Blogs, Journals or Wikis) on marking tool items online.

Module Personalisation Setting

The module personalisation setting allows each student to add personalised modules to their own version of the group home page (e.g. What’s New, My Calendar, Needs Attention).

Tip: Students may use this option to add inappropriate content. Either set clear rules on appropriate content or uncheck this option.

  1. Uncheck the Allow Personalisation checkbox.

Module personalization setting with circle around checkbox

Group Set Options

  1. Optionally, check the Create smart view for this group checkbox to provide a link in Grade Centre for the group.  

Warning: If you do not check the Create smart view for each group in set checkbox, you will have to manually set this up in Grade Centre. For more information, refer to the Group Smart View guide.  

Group set options with create smart view circled.


  1. Determine Number of Groups by:
    • Select the Number of Students per Group radio button and enter a number OR
    • Select the Number of Groups radio button and enter a number.
  2. Determine How to Enrol any Remaining Members:
    • Select the Distribute the remaining members amongst the groups radio button and enter a number OR
    • Select the Put the remaining members in their own group radio button and enter a number OR
    • Select the Manually add the remaining member to groups radio button and enter a number.

Membership setup with number of students per group circled and distribute the remaining members amongst the groups circled.

  1. Click the Submit button.

Group set

The new group set will now be listed in the Group Sets tab.

Groups page with the group sets tab circled

All groups

The individual groups will now be lists in the All Groups tab.

Groups page showing all the groups created

My Groups Menu

Students can access their group tools and assignments using the My Groups menu. This menu is not displayed to teaching staff.

Student view of their group page