5. Overall change management tips

  • Pre warn your external assessors about the change to the student review process in a welcome message.
  • Just prior to the time students will be submitting work for assessment, send out a reminder message providing details on where assistance can be found to complete the assessment.
  • Discuss with students about why it is important to elicit feedback from their external assessors. Explain that the students need to take ownership of the process and ensure their external assessors are able to access and provide the feedback.
  • Arrange training for students or direct them to guides on the Library website on how to assist external assessors with the marking and feedback process. 
  • Communicate to the student that they may be called upon to assist with familiarising their supervisor with the software. Advantages for student:
    • The ability to support colleagues to learn to use new technology is a digital learning skill (employability skill) that they can use in the workplace. 
  • Remind students that they must submit work to their external assessment prior to their last day with the external assessor so that any issues can be addressed prior to the student leaving their placement site.
  • You may wish to create a customised guide for your assessment to be sent to supervisors just before assessing.