1. Pre-Placement Setup

  1. Review all of your placement documentation and update to include ePortfolio assessment information.
  2. Review your Course Profile(s) and ensure learning and assessment sections include details regarding ePortfolio use.
  3. Review Course Site materials to ensure they also include the use of ePortfolio.
  4. Upload External Supervisor names and emails in the ePortfolio Contact List Manager prior to students submitting assessments for marking.
  5. Create a back-up plan for external assessors who refuse (or are unable to complete) electronic assessment which includes the input of the grades and feedback into the student’s ePortfolio so as to not disadvantage them from receiving/storing their feedback in their ePortfolio.
  6. Consider a timeline in which to initiate another mechanism for marking of assessments which are not completed by the assessors and remain as pending submissions in the ePortfolio (i.e. when should the student withdraw and resubmit their work or when should the school contact the assessor on the student’s behalf).
  7. Provide students with a visual diagram for the assessment workflow which includes both online and paper process (if relevant). 

Tip: Have a third party review your documentation to provide feedback.