The Learn.UQ upgrade was completed by the eLearning Systems and Support and ITS Enterprise Support Operations teams during the mid-Summer Semester recess.
Learn.UQ Migration Resources
December, 2017December, 2018
UQ ePortfolio Deployment
January, 2017December, 2018
Office Mix Migration
November, 2017June, 2018
Kaltura Video Storage
December, 2018
eLearning Website Migration
September, 2017April, 2018
Learn.UQ Upgrade Timeline 2017
January, 2017January, 2018
UQ ePortfolio Product Selection
January, 2015December, 2015
UQ ePortfolio for Work Integrated Learning Pilot
January, 2016December, 2016
Lecture Recording Enhancement 2017
January, 2017December, 2017