Audience response system - clickers

June 2015December 2019

Currently all coordinators have access to a free live polling tool called UQPoll, which is typically used by a few hundred coordinators each semester. During 2018 the Elearning team is running the Lecture Capture review project, testing the market to ensure UQ has the most appropriate solution. If we stay with Echo we may do a business case to deploy the Active Learning features in 2019, which include advanced live polling features.

Currently the University also owns fifty licences for the Responseware web based classroom response system. Responseware can also recieve responses from physical clickers which are like remote control devices the students borrow from libraries. Library has signalled its intention to phase out loaning clickers at the end of 2018 due to the increasing maintenance costs as they age. 

Please be aware that it has come to the University's attention that communications between physical clickers and the TurningPoint receivers are not encrypted and that code is now available on the web, allowing cheap devices to intercept, modify and retransmit responses. This does not apply to the TurningPoint mobile app. Coordinators may wish to take this into account if they are considering using clickers for summative assessment. Further details are available upon request by emailing