UQ was an early adopter of lecture capture technology, and has progressively deployed a single solution into all centrally controlled teaching spaces, as well as some venues managed by individual schools or organisational units.  UQ has remained with the original service provider and an on premise solution from 2008 until end of 2017, when the service was redefined, and only offered as SaaS.  UQ was therefore required to migrate to the cloud solution.  There were changes to the service as a result, and ELSS has been directed to review the market options, with a view to confirming our current system or selecting an alternative system for deployment in the future.


  1. Obtain project approval 
  2. Establish working party/project team 
  3. Finalise technical and functional requirements 
  4. Develop EOI documents for publication 
  5. Publish EOI (published Monday April 9)
  6. Evaluate responses (technology, solution cost, functionality, cost of change) within working party
  7. Shortlist and prepare cost-benefit analysis for each shortlisted option
  8. Research and review other major Australian universities lecture capture approach
  9. Compile evaluation report for CIO, PVC
  10. Close project or move to pilot.


The working party will report directly to the ITS CIO, PVC, as well as the Teaching and Learning Committee and Teaching & Learning Space Committee (TLSC).


Please direct any questions or feedback to Project Manager, Elizabeth Wardrop.